Fusing Capitalism and Socialism

There Remains no reason, outside of laziness, that governments cannot fuse socialism and capitalism together. Whether a person chooses to stop contributing to society or stops contributing as a result of a circumstance, that person still exists and needs government basic income.

The traditional model of working for 40 years in expectation of retirement remains flawed. If by choice a person wanted to retire every 4 years of work for 3 years of vacation, it should be their right.

What is needed is a semi-objective government score that suggests not only a persons trust by the government, but also their contributions to society over their life.

This model will allow people who live off society without any contribution to be judged and directly measured with a metric that meaningfully allows them to realize the net negative effect they have on society without actually putting the person into debt beyond their means.


Equality for all people of Earth

Since people on Earth are all natural born people created equally, no government should treat any citizen any differently than any citizen of any other country. In the future we need the same natural rights to be available to all humans, no matter the political border they live behind.

A society where everything is recorded does not need any locks on doors. Imagine a wolrd where cameras automatically record peoples public activities and make them available publicly. Since anything done in public is public knowledge, the information is freely available to everyone. Obviously this would not work on a national US level, but possibly on a smaller city level where the size is roughly 60000 people or so. Such a society, where AI tracks the activity of nearly everyone, would not even need a currency to the extent that we need it now. Instead, citizens would a have psychological “credit” score that increases based on the rationality of every action they perform in public. Actions that have a public good will increase the score more than actions that are neutral. Should a person perform an action, say littering or defacement of public property, that score would go down. In such a system, on a small closed scale, could create a small island of paradise where people do not need to live in fear. Literally God would always be watching outside of their own private property.

Techno kingdoms

Future cities will have leaders literally going against each other by playing mundane competitions like chess to win territory they want to claim.

Once world peace is achieved there will be a renaissance of culture. Societies will prosper and emerge like never before. Forget the one world government that people often regard as the dystopian future and try to imagine hundreds of thousands of city like countries of every kind. Don’t like GMO? There’s a city for that. Don’t like plastic? There’s a city for that. Hate cars, computers, money, beer, or drug laws? A city country for each one. Cities that will have workers, cities that will have unemployed socialists. Cities that will have elite gamers, elite athletes, or exclusively people with PHDs. Forget jails, we have a city these people will function in while they can attempt to be the toughest person enclosed in a city that understands their issues because everyone there has the same problem. even if all you aspire for is living in a forest gathering fruit, there will be a city for that.

Not every city will be the same. Many will be small towns, the big cities will not be much different from the ones of today, and offer plenty of diversity. 
The way this will work is for each city country to still be financially dependent on one another. No city will have the resources for independence, but still have the right to the land, the right for any law to be enacted and the ability to enforce anything within its borders. The government that operates above these city levels will require massive organization. Almost superhuman organization to keep up with the constantly changing rules, leaders, and borders of our future human paradise. We will no longer see beggers on the streets, but rather sent away to a country that is expert in helping turn them into workers or just socialist.

government will still have control over all the resources. if deemed necessary, the gov will notify all cities weeks in advance of dates that it will shut the lights off to everything but emergency services. Not the power, just the lights – as an Internet of things based technology structure would allow for that. And with this power, no city will ever miss a celestial event ever again. Our God given rights will be protected and our duties as citizens will be protected. It will be as if we can have our cake and eat it too.
this will mark a new era in human history. An era where peace and prosperity is found everywhere on the planet, and our resources are treated as a single whole planet. No one owns the earth, and everyone owns it at the same time. It will be a time when humanity has finally matured and can handle all the problems we create.

Blackout Earth Day

If aliens are watching us, what better way to send them a message than to turn all lights off on the planet for a day or two? Such a message would prove that humanity has achieved a new level of maturity through global collaboration. 
A turning off of the lights, not electricity, as so many emergency services rely upon it.

A response may not be received or understood for possibly decades, but that is not the point. We sent the voyager probe out with messages on it and the hopes of a response from that are even less likely. So a response is not the goal. The goal is massive collaboration on a global level to get humans of every political background to work together towards a single goal. Such an effort, if successful, would usher in a new Age of Enlightenment and prove to God that we are a species who is not dependent on technology, but rather the technology is dependent on us.

Opponents of this idea may argue that it is unwise to send a message to any alien or intelligent species that may be out there watching. However, if you honestly believe that hostile aliens exist and will attack earth, then we need to immediately cease all radio wave emissions from the planet to protect ourselves. There is no evidence to support such a claim that hostiles are watching, so living in fear of aliens should be considered a radical idea.

Instead, we should be extremely conscious of our global image and try our best to prove to any aliens that we, the humans of earth, are in charge of the technology and not vice versa. We currently live in an out of control state where technology is enslaving us. Any alien watching could easily mistake vehicles as being the most advanced species on the planet and see how they are destroying it and thus conclude we are not ready for any sort of communication.

A day of lights out, if feasible, will send the message that we are all connected, we are all one species, on one planet, in control of our own power.


We are not the only species on the planet.

Yet we treat it as if we are.

If we can control what all humans do, we can reduce our foot print.

If we cannot control the governments, a single government could arise and destroy the entire environment.

Global trade and industrial processes must be kept in check.


This is where Hillary Clinton might be a positive leader for this country. Obviously she deserves the position, not just from what happened to her after Bill Clinton cheated, but also in how hard she has worked to do good and stay active in this countries political system. The male ego wants nothing to do with her, and rightfully so because it is difficult for a man to put an old lady as their leader. So in that sense it would be bad. But it still helps women become leaders. Anyone who calls her ugly should try to get where she is with their own looks. You have to look beyond the superficial to see the meaning behind things that happen. Also her agenda with the climate and priorities towards protecting the environment would be a great change for the world. Not necessarily for saving all the species, but also for our own health. The pollution crisis in China, Global Rising temeratures and C02 Emissions definitely are problems we need to start tackling.