Neutrino Theory

Neutrinos hold potential to have very large effects. Should we find a way to generate neutrinos from a silicon or other meta-material nanostructure, we could create wafers of millions of these transmitters, as we have done with transistors in processors. Being able to do this and focus them into a singular point might have far-reaching effects. We could potentially turn lead into gold by neutrino collision at the point of an electron and possibly destroy or create electrons on demand.

Because neutrinos travel through the earth unaffected, we could focus thousands of transmitter stations around the world to essentially do anything from teleportation to stopping a thermonuclear chain reaction a split second after it has already detonated.


This technology, even if it is not possible with neutrinos and uses some other particle/wave means quite a lot. Should it be possible in any context, an advanced civilization may already have it. This means literally aliens can do anything they would like on our planet without actually having traveled here – and there’s nothing we can do to prove it. Chaos theory be damned.

Because neutrinos seem to only come from extremely high energy reactions, they’re going to be especially difficult to produce in the lab. I’m not sure if it’s been done outside of particle accelerators, yet… The field of quantum computing and nano-materials brighten the hopes just a bit. As we are on the verge of a new horizon of materials which behave quite differently from anything we have had in written history. Should we be able to create a device that can do this, world peace would be the end result. For no system anywhere on the planet can stop a neutrino collider from focusing anywhere and preventing something from happening. Forget hundreds of bases in every country. Just 8 strategic locations, maybe even just 3 would be enough. The only weapon capable of stopping it would be an attack on each location using a device that is also a neutrino transmitter and collider.



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