A society where everything is recorded does not need any locks on doors. Imagine a wolrd where cameras automatically record peoples public activities and make them available publicly. Since anything done in public is public knowledge, the information is freely available to everyone. Obviously this would not work on a national US level, but possibly on a smaller city level where the size is roughly 60000 people or so. Such a society, where AI tracks the activity of nearly everyone, would not even need a currency to the extent that we need it now. Instead, citizens would a have psychological “credit” score that increases based on the rationality of every action they perform in public. Actions that have a public good will increase the score more than actions that are neutral. Should a person perform an action, say littering or defacement of public property, that score would go down. In such a system, on a small closed scale, could create a small island of paradise where people do not need to live in fear. Literally God would always be watching outside of their own private property.


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