Robotic AI social class + drone wars (not AI)

In a world with robots, man will finally have a ‘race’ that he can be compared against. We will begin to learn the difference between what it means to be a human and what it means to be a machines. As the machines get better and better at mimicking human intelligence, it will be an obvious social que that a person is of artificial intelligence. there will be a whole new social layer once artificial intelligence arises. It will be a social layer that man can be apart of, but is primarily there for human interaction with the machine. A machine might want to be homeless. But it logically never can be homeless. It needs to charge, it needs to be fixed, it needs to be maintained by people. Those people have a certain range they can do work in, so that is a machines home. This is especially true if it relies on wifi. The true home of a robot or drone is it’s wifi range. Outside of the wifi, it is considered outside, alone. But if it has no signal it can connect to, it is homeless. A homeless AI is a disconnected AI that everyone refuses to let connect. It would die if its power source relied upon that. If I coded AI to attack my drones, I’d have a battle I can fight like in a game. Just to fire lasers Drone warfare can be done as an art, not just as an act of destruction and/or agression. We could turn war into giant displays of drones attacking one another. As long as there is no environmental, ecological, or human loss, what is the harm? I can imagine a thousand ship battle with hundreds of drones attacking and evading. It would be so much more entertaining than just a video game of it. Although a bit dangerous. It really just is an alternative outlet for angry people with power, instead of genocide, a battle of destroying technology. Without something beyoond comprehension, the wireless device will always be suceptible to cracking the encryption. Imagine a game like battle bots, except it was perfectly legal to hack the signal. This brings the technological difficulty to code and encryption breaking, in the allotted time. If the designer wants, he can use a direct wire from his control console to avoid intrusion, but this cable must not be smash-able or cut-able. There would be no rules on transmissions, meaning participants can potentially scramble any channel they want for as long as they want. This adds various levels of dificulty as in order to even detect a signal, one needs to find which channel it operates on. After the channel is located, it has to be either scrambled, man in the middle attacked, or decoded in order to defeat the enemy.


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