We are not the only species on the planet.

Yet we treat it as if we are.

If we can control what all humans do, we can reduce our foot print.

If we cannot control the governments, a single government could arise and destroy the entire environment.

Global trade and industrial processes must be kept in check.


This is where Hillary Clinton might be a positive leader for this country. Obviously she deserves the position, not just from what happened to her after Bill Clinton cheated, but also in how hard she has worked to do good and stay active in this countries political system. The male ego wants nothing to do with her, and rightfully so because it is difficult for a man to put an old lady as their leader. So in that sense it would be bad. But it still helps women become leaders. Anyone who calls her ugly should try to get where she is with their own looks. You have to look beyond the superficial to see the meaning behind things that happen. Also her agenda with the climate and priorities towards protecting the environment would be a great change for the world. Not necessarily for saving all the species, but also for our own health. The pollution crisis in China, Global Rising temeratures and C02 Emissions definitely are problems we need to start tackling.


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