Breaking into global conciousness

The way a terrain’s dimensions and shapes act upon itself to create an emotional state of being is interesting.  For example how interactions between bodys come together: a sharp jagged line, a straight line, or even just a smooth transition. Also how shapes and bodies are tectured all add up to the phsiological emotion or feeling. This is just one example of how pot has revolutionized society, as we further see our mental consciousness designing and naturally selecting environments more conducive to their being. Like mcdonalds and star bucks or any institution that spends a great deal on interior design. This is our new social construct with marijuana. A more open and connected society privacy that has a different meaning than online data metrics.

When more people are available to grow up with eachother, they all share one’s own perspective and it’s also easier for those people to find similarities with themselves. A much larger pool of students who grow up together is what facebook is allowing. It’s allowing you to connect with thousands of other people and share the same perspective. This isn’t global consciousness, but much larger regional consciousness. THe advantages of global consciousness is that for many problems, there is no debate – the answer is understood. So a world with expanding consciousness is a world where old problems vanish, it’s the only way we truly advance. It would not be a world of peace per say. It depends on what your meaning of peace is. Because there might still be war even if everyone loved one another. Some fight just for the show, just for the display because it is the most logical step for their actions to take. Not because they inherently hate a person. but what it means to fight isn’t always physical.

By Super-sizing public education, you put students into larger classrooms where their perspective is built together with more people, in front of a larger crowd. A great idea for large scale problem solving.


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