If and when we go to the Moon or Mars, the one structure we must bring with us is the stadium. The stadium has been with us for thousands of years. It embraces all aspects of the human spirit, and we wouldn’t be right living without one.

From a protective glass shield, over a domed stadium, we have the potential of growing plants and possibly even grass. From here we could comfortably gaze at a martian or lunar night sky, make camp fires and relax. During the day the area can hold events, competitions, races, and any activity that has its axillary on Earth.

The domed structure of a stadium serves as a perfect structure for not just staging, but housing, accommodations, medical care, and everything within can be instantly sealed shut in the event of a dome breach, or even if the dome is to be opened for a craft to land, or any other reason.

Expansion is probably its biggest perk. If an extraterrestrial colony is to be built, it needs to have room for expansion, and stadiums hold thousands. Actually they seat thousands but living quarters can either be quarried underground or expanded outside the stadium.


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