There is a spirituality to fighting. Like all forms of spirituality, it is ancient.

When one person wishes to fight another person, and that person agrees, they are engaging in an ancient form of art. Sometimes the more powerful opponent kills the weaker one. This is in contrast to sparring – where full force is not used and the desire to fight is muted, and the desire to demonstrate the art is practiced. this sparring is not a true fight. just practice. In cats, this natural sparring is seen in play fights which prepare them for real fights. This is in contrast to canines which primarily kill with their mouths. A canine fight is broader as they hunt in packs. The fight has to do with cooperation and group tactics which manipulate the enemy.

A modern warfighter is a complex fighter, fighting for reasons sometimes beyond their own desires. A modern warfighter is mechanical, almost stripped of the natural human fighting skills. A drone operator who kills almost for sport lacks the deep spiritual art of fighters that for so long dominated the battlefield.

A future is approaching where this fighting between nations will be gone. when we reach such a global state of peace, fighting

A fight using strength  alone does nothing for humanity. There must also be intelligence, otherwise we naturally select for just strength and lose intelligence.


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