If any part of you believes in conspiracy, you might be tempted to think that a good portion of malware and virii are intentionally created simply to improve the technology we use. Now, I’m not blaming antivirus companies or saying that the only reason we have malware is to keep the PC maintainers in business. I’m saying that without a threat of security, technology doesn’t advance.
The recent rash of ransomware that has showed up on the web lately is basically the new type of malware we have to learn to mitigate against. Cloud computing, if widely implemented, would nullify the threat. When your important files are stored on secured servers that do regular backups, the odds that someone can capture them and hold a ransom are significantly lowered. Technology adapts to threats time and time again.
Often people wonder how biological viruses came about. Perhaps it exists for the same reason. A creator wants to improve his systems from threats, and the only way this is possible is if an actor comes up with a way to sabotage it, thus the evolution of our immune system. It has learned to overcome one threat after another, to the point that it is now self-consciously learning how to attack the threats that it hasn’t yet been able to learn to kill through evolution. For example, the cures for cancer that are on the rise, and vaccines for viruses like small pox.


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