We may never detect those who have already found us

Lasers Could Hide Us From Evil Aliens
In the above link scientists propose methods in which our atmospheric signature may fool advanced civilizations on other planets from trying to find us. While impractical for many reasons, in the future it may not be so impractical. What this means is we could very well have advanced civilizations in nearby star systems that are currently cloaking themselves from us. Would God want us to find him? If earth is an experiment of the heavens, we just might not ever have the privilege of knowing our creators. World peace and environmentalism will get us closer to that privilege. 
When looking for advanced civilizations or life, we also use radio spectrum. A detection of any radio signal that hints at a society advanced enough to detect us should warrant the development of a cloaking laser system to prevent their detection of us until we learn more about them. This is the best defense we can give ourselves to prevent hostile advanced civilizations from conquering earth.


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