Daring humans and their fears

On Mars the enemy will be the atmosphere. It’s too thin, too cold, has too much radiation and not enough oxygen. Therefore it will be a common human enemy. We will focus so much of our existential effort towards fighting the atmosphere. Suits will protect us when we travel away from the heavy barriers of the home place. And that’s unfortunate because man’s primal state is to explore and walk; adventure. Only those who are daring enough will be the people to explore freely in their suits at leisure. If there even will be leisure outside of the base.

On Earth for the majority of our existence, the enemy was starvation. We have conquered that enemy so well that for many people weight gain is now the enemy. After man discovered weapons and fire, no beast could take us, no beast could instill fear inside us. The animals were no longer enemies and fear evolved to something different. Something more along the lines of fear from being alienated from the social group of protection. Fear from losing the technology that kept us so well fed. Fear of being alone and unable to capture the giant beasts we ate. There was a time in our past when man could easily go a week or two without a meal. Times have changed.. Most people probably do not go more than three hours without a meal. The ultimate turn around from our beginnings. The massive machine that feeds us today is the same machine that many overweight people fear, the same machine that predates upon people to stay alive. Fast food corporations need the always hungry human to fuel their massive infrastructure. What will be the case on mars? The obvious answer is that initially the only enemy will be the atmosphere.

Protected by sophisticated materials meticulously assembled together, man will do as he does here. Starvation may well become an enemy once again. Although the systems can easily be designed to accompany heavy diets. Implementation is much harder, but designs can be made to arrange for it, for the massive consumption we currently demand. But what will not change is our incredible desire to explore, to adventure out into the unknown, in search for the unknown. In search for something new, in search for answers for the questions they have, or just in search for personal enjoyment, personal time passers. Playing sports on other planets is the ultimate human goal.


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