HP’s Sprout

HP soon plans to release a high end 23″ desktop PC loaded with a built in projector, 2D/3D scanner, and 20 point touch-pad. The projector replaces the standard keyboard with a 20″ display that will project onto any surface. Using that surface, one can easily replace their mouse and keyboard with a wide array of touch swipe actions and easily interact with 2d and 3d objects on the screen. Surely this is the device of the future, set to change the industry of home PCs. Or so that’s what the writers at Forbes were thinking when they declared it the Desktop that Da Vinci would own. More likely it would be the desktop his kids would own, if he had any kids.

This sort of high-end PC, low end scanner is perfect for young kids: teaching them the concepts of 3D scanning and allowing experimentation at a young age with inexpensive hardware. But HP has yet to release any details on the resolution of the scanner. Early reports already hint that the scanner is due for an upgrade that HP will release, as it cannot fully scan in a way comparable to current scanners on the market.

Is it a gimmick? Not really. It’s a cool toy and learning instrument that might actually win over a few school districts or libraries when it comes time to upgrade their iMacs. That fact actually puts HP at a great position to start taking more of the education market, should there be no competition from Apple or Microsoft. As we see more and more libraries and schools buying 3D printers, the demand for a seamless 3d scanner-PC interface will only increase. A quality artist isn’t going to care about having a scanner and touch-pad directly in front of his PC if it means poor quality.

So for now, if you want to use a PC worthy of the title “something Da Vinci would use”, you should simply set your display drivers to flip your screen horizontally.


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