The next 9/11

We live in a society so vulnerable that terrorists don’t need weapons anymore.

$150 worth of hardware can create a device capable of remotely activating a transmitter capable of knocking out cell service for an entire city. A single evil person with highly available skills and materials can make thousands of these devices with little resources. By mounting them on the underside of random vehicles it would be an unprecedented attack very hard to detect. These cars would all be in various locations at the moment of activation through 3g/4g or wifi activation. The chaos would be maddening as no one could locate these devices all at the same time fast enough. Once it is discovered the location of the devices, it would take so much time to search all vehicles and have confidence in no chance of a second attack… Which could even be from a different vector like apartments, other buildings, or even buried in the ground using solar cells in trees in a forest preserve.

How could such evil like this be prevented? Dependence on carrying a cellphone is what is being attacked. The threat isn’t even terrorism, as every 11 years the sun threatens us with heightened solar storms. Many believe it is just a matter of time. If that’s true, people need not to fear such scenarios, but use wireless communication as an auxiliary tool, not a primary source of connectivity. #wifiAwareness It could be said that we are abusing technology, for the direction that we are headed, humans will become a species ever dependent on technology. Is that a future we want to exist in?  Should man ignore the problem of physical proximity to the extent that we become useless without a transmitter attached to our hip?

I don’t know what they’re teaching in schools, but if kids grow up believing everything is OK to be completely dependent on an electro-mechanical device, we are an insult to mother nature and are creating a new breed of people. These people are what divide the country. The city dwelling super techno-dependent humans, and the rural natural humans. To say we are united is a lie until this gap is bridged, until the lifestyles and subcultures are equalized. Until then, we are headed towards a collapse that would bring about dozens of separate countries within the United States. We will become the divided states, semi-dependent on one another and completely different types of humans across the board.

Daily Prompt: Transformation

via Daily Prompt: Transformation


This post is not about transformation in and of itself, it is about a transformation that needs to happen. The transformation we need is a transformation from a government that unconditionally spies on its citizens for protection of the elites to a government that transparently provides surveillance in the name of the public good.

U.S. Citizens should all be aware of the recent revelations by Snowden, Yahoo, AT&T, and similar cases that have illustrated federal agencies such as the NSA who spy on our data. What’s missing is a clear definition of what they’re looking for, where they’re looking for it, and when. How are we supposed to know what is OK and what is not OK? If I discuss terrorist ideals online only to find myself on a terrorist watchlist, incapable of leaving the country – the U.S. Just created a terrorist because I would be forced to fight for my freedom of speech. Does simply writing “I am a terrorist” raise flags? Should I avoid the taboo subject and refrain from talking about it entirely?

Opponents of transparent surveillance will argue that by exposing what is monitored we make it easier for terrorists to get away and avoid detection. This is such foolish thinking. Compare, if you will, the situation to public video surveillance. Putting a notice on a wall that some alley is being recorded will not force thieves to be sneakier… They simply will not commit a crime down that alley.

This can be seen as a dangerous transformation – for no one knows how society would react subconsciously knowing what exactly they do online is being monitored. However it would be more ethical, more constitutional, and most likely more wise. Consider the present scenario: unconditional monitoring of everything. Even the FBI director has stated that we need to place tape over our cameras for security. So right off the bat, U.S. citizens must live with the idea in their subconscious that everything is being monitored. What other force is capable of seeing and hearing everything we do? God. Americans are being forced to worship their government.

Let’s transform this into a positive place. Let’s make the government explicitly outline exactly what they’re looking for and where. For even writing this blog post, I could be on a watch list and not even know. Where is the harm in letting citizens know where they stand? There is nothing a civilian can do which should be hidden from that citizen under normal circumstances. To conspire behind their back is just as wrong as that citizen conspiring behind the governments back.

The government has lowered itself down to the level of organized crime and secret organizations.


Modern Subconscious Gods

Modern US Social Reality is made of of 9 subconscious god worships:


If you are an engineer, mechanic, or software designer, you follow the God of Systems.

If you are an astrologist, geologist, biologist, zoologist, doctor, surgeon, or veterinarian for example, you worship the God of Nature

A musician worships the God of Art, as does a fine chef.

A conspiracy theorist, experimental engineer, or scientist worships the God of Theory.

Lawyers, politicians, and police officers worship the God of Government.

Mathematicians and Historians follow the God of Knowledge.

Gamers, gun enthusiasts, football players, and all hobbyists follow the God of Recreation.


Under this experimental theory of mine, which is your God that you worship?



2016 Election

The thing about Hillary supporters is that they support a woman who was cheated on and lied to about it, yet stuck with her husband. By attacking Trump with the allegations of sexual assault, and then claiming he is lying when he denies it doesn’t make much sense logically. It shows you support a woman who forgives and forgets a crime and then show no mercy towards a man who has already apologized. That’s a double standard.

Neutrino Theory

Neutrinos hold potential to have very large effects. Should we find a way to generate neutrinos from a silicon or other meta-material nanostructure, we could create wafers of millions of these transmitters, as we have done with transistors in processors. Being able to do this and focus them into a singular point might have far-reaching effects. We could potentially turn lead into gold by neutrino collision at the point of an electron and possibly destroy or create electrons on demand.

Because neutrinos travel through the earth unaffected, we could focus thousands of transmitter stations around the world to essentially do anything from teleportation to stopping a thermonuclear chain reaction a split second after it has already detonated.


This technology, even if it is not possible with neutrinos and uses some other particle/wave means quite a lot. Should it be possible in any context, an advanced civilization may already have it. This means literally aliens can do anything they would like on our planet without actually having traveled here – and there’s nothing we can do to prove it. Chaos theory be damned.

Because neutrinos seem to only come from extremely high energy reactions, they’re going to be especially difficult to produce in the lab. I’m not sure if it’s been done outside of particle accelerators, yet… The field of quantum computing and nano-materials brighten the hopes just a bit. As we are on the verge of a new horizon of materials which behave quite differently from anything we have had in written history. Should we be able to create a device that can do this, world peace would be the end result. For no system anywhere on the planet can stop a neutrino collider from focusing anywhere and preventing something from happening. Forget hundreds of bases in every country. Just 8 strategic locations, maybe even just 3 would be enough. The only weapon capable of stopping it would be an attack on each location using a device that is also a neutrino transmitter and collider.


Simulation Theory

Proving we are not in a simulation and proving that we are in a simulation are two different things. It is also possible to be in a simulation and not in a simulation at the same time.

To prove that we are in a simulation means to prove there is something incoherent or misaligned about the reality being experienced, versus the reality known to the system.

In a social context we can detect foreign or simulated social situations by verifying it against what we know. This is no different from trying to prove mathematically sound physical simulations of the world.

Since we cannot sense beyond our own senses, without superhuman ability, we cannot prove the existence of what is outside us.

So, Mr. Elon Musk, prove to me you are super human. Prove to me that we are living in a simulation as you so boldly claim.
I meant to say prove physical hard reality simulation-not social reality simulation. You may find it quite difficult or near-impossible.